Lena (alwaysabused) wrote,

People make me giggle. Bleh, I hate Lena, Bleh. Teehee. I do not waver to this immature frivolous factor at all. Because, love, you are but a child in my eyes; some little thing I would be making money off of while babysitting. You're insults will not hurt me; they will not make me change. I am sorry you dislike who I am. I think I know why. Is it because I have seen straight through you since the beginning? I haven't been led astray like countless others just because you agree with me and flatter me at every turn. Your 'vampire' stage, like glass. Darling these are things of fiction and myth. Things we read in books and enjoy for the sheer purpose of entertainment. You are not one. Nor are you Wicca, love. You wouldn't know what Wicca was if a big bag of it hit you in the face. It shocks me that people let you live. They way you treat your friends is absolutely horrible. It simply repulses me. You have no clue how much my respect for you as a human when I saw your immature posts about Lizzie. Dollface, I do not care what you think of her, but the least you could do is not stoop down to that lowly level. Even here I am still being quite polite about this. And do you know why that is? Because I am a mature young adult. I have grown beyond the junior high mentality of things. You ma'am can hate me all you wish. I will not falter, I will not change. I will be just as straight forward as I normally am and I will stand up for my close friends no matter what, love. Please understand my concern and disappointment as I write this. You cannot hurt any one. But simply give them a good laugh. A joke I presume? Yes. A joke.

Lena Defibaugh
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