Lena (alwaysabused) wrote,

LJ SUX But oh well

I dont ever use this thing any more. Just thought I'd update and talk about something. Things are pretty good, lost 20 pounds, I'm gonna look amazing. I go to the Y and work out every other day. I've been partying a lot. hanging out with Lizzie, and a lot of cool people. Went to see MSI in concert a while back, but it's still a highlight of my summer. I'm single, well sorta. that'll prolly change in a few days when I get less annoyed with Kyle. Because I'm prego with his baby even though I push him around and he cant call me crying at 3 am. But that's love. XD **Roffle**.

I go to Ohio in like a week. I'm looking forward to it. Then school. And I'm acctually a senior! Hyea!.

I win.

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