Lena (alwaysabused) wrote,

Im tired

Im broke

I miss some one

I hate some of my friends

Even when I have a boyfriend I still think Valentines day is retarded.

People are retarded too.

O well,

Half empty

What the hell.

Only towards somethings.

I dont know,

Maybe I should just stop trying,

when it comes to usless friends.

I dont need all of them.

I'm not depressed

or in a bad mood

not at all

Im actually upbeat

and extremely happy

I've been thinking a lot about my future

I've come to the conclusion that I'm ready to grow up

I want to start my life.

My eyes hurt.

I really want to go do something productive,

draw, paint, write, something.

My mother's going to be back in a few hours.

I missed her.



Leeeeeena >>>>>>> you
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