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Living in a fairytale

Just you and me

3 September 1989
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I am Lena.

I write more in a day then most do in their life.

I have two pets. A cat and a little sister.

I don't like organized religon so stop bugging me.

I love taking pictures of everything. And I mean everything.

Sex. Enough said.

I enjoy getting comliments. Tell me I'm pretty.

I'm one of those good girls. But that's just cause I'm never caught.

I love getting in trouble.

I love my boyfriend. We've been together forever.Kyle.

Music is my life like woah.

I change a little a lot everyday. Can you deal with it?

I love my friends. They are my life

I love parties!

I like to live in a


I am training to become a cosmotologist

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